Skin Needling

Using the industry’s leading skin needling technology, Dermapen 4, microscopic needles gently penetrate the skin to trigger our body’s wound healing response. This response triggers our skin’s wound healing process and accelerates the production of restorative collagen and elastin.

Full Face

Cost: $350

Able to address a multitude of skin concerns including acne scarring, uneven skin tone, skin laxity and the signs of ageing, our full-face skin needling treatments supercharge your collagen and elastin production to reveal a brighter, smoother and refreshed complexion.


Cost: $POA

Skin Needling is our treatment of choice for treating unwanted scarring and stretch marks on the body.
Chat to us about your areas of concern for an accurate treatment program.


Cost: $250

Our hands are one of the first places to showcase the signs of ageing. Turn back the clock on hand care neglect and stimulate new collagen growth for restored, refreshed hands.

The Hollywood Face Lift

Cost: $450

In addition to the incredible results Skin Needling achieves on our face, we’ll focus on restoring your scalp health and hair growth too! A total anti-ageing experience, this restorative treatment addresses your face, neck, decolletage and scalp for triple-threat rejuvenation.

Add Ons:

Peel — $40
Meso-Glide — $50