LED Light Therapy

A little Light Cost: $80

Light Package (10 treatments) Cost: $650

Light Package ( 5 treatments) Cost: $350

LED Light Skin Therapy is the perfect solution for glowing skin all year round!

Perfect for all skin types and conditions, LED Light Therapy wakes up your cells to deeply restore, regenerate and repair. Experience our LED Light Therapy treatments as a standalone facial, added to any of your services or as part of a treatment plan for glowing skin results.

Utilising results-driven LED wavelengths, we are able to effectively treat the most common skin concerns whilst you drift off and unwind.

Blue Light LED for results-driven skin clearing treatments. A must for addressing blemishes and destroying acne-causing bacteria.

Near-Infrared LED for deep wound healing and regeneration. Invigorating your circulation, near-infrared LED is the ultimate all-rounder for skin rejuvenation, clearing and repairing.