Advanced Skin Peels

Our signature experience, our Advanced Skin Peels harness a bespoke approach to skin health. Gone are the days of choosing a facial that isn’t right for your skin. Customised to match your skin’s needs, time and budget, our 4 levels of facials make choosing a treatment seamless and enjoyable.

Empowered by our O Cosmedics, we select a skin peel from out catalogue of Pro Dermal Peels to suit your skin best. Focussing on key concerns including ageing, blemished, sun damaged, congested, inflamed and devitalised skin, leave the customisation to us whilst you lay back and unwind.

Level 1

Cost: $120 || Time: 45 mins

The perfect entry point to advanced skin treatments for all skin types!
Following your pre-exfoliation, you’ll be matched with an oxygenating enzyme peel to nurture your skin best. Completing your 45-minute experience is our Alginate Peel Off Mask designed to deeply soothe and cool your complexion as its anti-inflammatory and peptide rich formulation soaks into your skin.

Level 2

Cost: $150 || Time: 45 mins

Designed to brighten, renew and restore, Level 2 is ramping up the power in 45-minutes.
After your pre-exfoliation, a peptide-rich or advanced corrective peel is applied to your skin.
Working to address the signs of ageing, photodamaged complexions and inflammation, your peel is followed by either a soothing Alginate Peel Off Mask or LED technology.

Level 3

Cost: $180 || Time: 60 mins

Our most popular skin treatment, Level 3 is high performance and enhanced by LED technology.
Following your pre-exfoliation, your custom peel is applied to address your unique skin concerns.
A signature part of all levels, a soothing Alginate Peel Off Mask or leave on peel is applied to your complexion before our restorative LED light therapy concludes your one-hour experience.

Level 4

Cost: $210 || Time: 90 mins

Level 4 combines the power of advanced skincare with high performance technology for 90-minutes of skin corrective action.
Following your pre-exfoliation and custom peel, we’ll add an extra customised step to your skin treatment. Based on your unique skin’s needs, microdermabrasion, extractions or an additional skin peel will be performed. Followed by an Alginate Peel Off Mask or leave on peel, unwind and recharge as LED light therapy restores your complexion.


Peel — $40
LED — $40
Micro — $40
Extractions — $20
Booster — $20