O Cosmedics.

O Cosmedics skin care is formulated with clean, paramedical ingredients that work to treat five key skin concerns: ageing, collagen breakdown/inflammation, glycation, photo defence and oxidisation.
Proudly Australian owned and made, O Cosmedics represents precision skincare to feed your skin the very best.


A skincare range dedicated to mindfulness, empowerment and sisterhood, Ginger&ME is based on the science of neuro-cosmetics to deliver powerful blends that support exfoliation, hydration, protection and nourishment.

Shanghai Suzi lipsticks.

Made in Melbourne, Shanghai Suzi lipsticks are renowned for their vibrant seasonal colours and fruity fragrance. Affordable, ethically sourced and sustainable produced, pucker up with these highly pigmented lipsticks.

Nordic Naturals.

From supporting skin health, a natural hydrator, texture improver and hair strengthening solution, replenishing your body with Nordic Naturals’ essential fatty acids (EFA’s) is crucial for skin health and function.

Prin homecare kits.

Bringing our lymphatic therapy treatments to your bathroom, our Prin Homecare Kits are designed to clear your lymphatic system and restore your radiance. A solution for detoxification, firming, brightening and re-energizing your skin in-between clinic treatments.


The EyEnvy® Australia serum is making its way across the globe and it is increasingly becoming everyone’s must-have serum! The serum provides length, fullness, thickness and darkness to your own natural lashes, making you look like the star that you are.

Bestow Beauty.

Supporting our ethos that beautiful skin begins from within, Bestow Beauty delivers delicious and effective skin nutrition boosters to restore the gut and improve skin from within. Organically sourced from New Zealand and Sri Lanka, Bestow Beauty boosters are created by experts for healthy habits.